Answer:USMLE step 2 Mcq 176:A 28 year old develops deep painful ulcers and folliculitis with a particular predilection for his oral and genital mucosa





Correct Answer: A

Characteristically, a course of active Behcet's disease attacks lasts a few weeks each, with intervals of months to years between them. Most patients are older than 20 years of age when first seen. It is almost twice as common in males than in females, patients have been described in whom the disease started a 2 years of age as well as 70 or more years of age. Oral ulcers: first symptom in 50% to 70% of the patients but appear in the course of the disease in 98% of patients. Genital ulcers: occur in 80% of the patients. Cutaneous involvement: appear in 70% of patients and include folliculitis, pyoderma, pustule,vesicles, papules, furuncles, acne-like lesions and erythema nodosum. Pathergy, an exaggerated skin reaction to scratches, needle prick or intradermal saline injection is typical of the disease.


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