Answer : USMLE step 2 Mcq 27:A 20 year old sexually active man is admitted into the emergency department because of low abdominal pain


Correct Answer: C
A urethral stricture occurs when scar tissue forms in the urethra. The stricture blocks the urethra and may cause the urinary stream to slow to the point where the patient cannot urinate. Causes for urethral stricture formation include trauma ( sharp blow to the base of the penis), gonorrhea, or previous instrumentation of the urinary tract On questioning, the patient stated that he underwent cystoscopy 2 months previously. . Gonococcal strictures are the commonest cause of infective urethral strictures but rarely cause fistulas. Fistulas are typically secondary to TB infection and may be multiple. The genital involvement in Behcet's syndrome are ulceration of the labia or scrotum


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