MCQS 380-382:A 64 year white man presented with progressive (over 4 months) gait disturbance and a more recent history of psychosis


An 12 year old girl guide has a three year history of asthma on treatment with short acting beta 2 stimulant and inhaled cromoglycate . Her symptoms have worsened recently and she now requires treatment than once a day despite good compliance. What is the medication of choice that you would add to her regimen at this stage?

a) inhaled short acting bronchodilator
b) subcutaneous adrenaline
c) Nedocromil Sodium
d) inhaled long acting bronchodilator
e) inhaled sodium cromoglycate
f) inhaled steroids
g) Short-acting inhaled beta2 agonists
h) oral steroids
i) nebulised bronchodilators
j) oral theophylline



A 64 year white man presented with progressive (over 4 months) gait disturbance and a more recent history of psychosis. He did not have urinary incontinence. Metabolic studies were all normal. A cranial CT scan revealed mild cerebral atrophy and grossly dilated ventricles. Lumbar puncture revealed a normal CSF pressure and no abnormal cells, protein or glucose. A radionuclide cisternogram showed persistent ventricular activity at 48 hours A likely diagnosis is

a) carotid sinus hypersensitivity
b) sick sinus syndrome
c) vasovagal episode
d) tricyclic antidepressants
e) normal pressure hydrocephalus
f) occlusion of the right posterior inferior cerebellar artery
g) occlusion of the left superior cerebellar artery
h) Meniere's disease
i) acute labyrinthitis
j) senile calcific aortic stenosis



A 30 year old male is being investigated for chronic renal failure. He is mentally retarded and suffers from cone and rod dystrophy. The most likely diagnosis is

a) Pickwickian syndrome
b) Cushing's syndrome
c) affective disorder
d) Sjogren's syndrome
e) Laurence-Moon-Bardet-Biedl Syndrome
f) fibromyalgia
g) Stein-Leventhal Syndrome
h) secondary hypothyroidism
i) hypothalamic disorder
j) Carpenter's syndrome


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