MCQS 367-369:30-year-old woman presents with acute onset of low back pain that radiates into the left leg



An 8 year old boy with mild intellectial impairment has frequent episodes of episodes of hemiparesis and transient ischemic attacks precipitated by physical exercise. He undergoes cerebral angiography which showed occlusion of the supra-clinoid portion of both internal carotid arteries with perforator branches arising from the circle of Willis. The patient's dominant cerebral blood supply was via the left vertebral artery. A likely diagnosis is

a) Moya Moya disease
b) child abuse
c) migraine
d) aneurysmally dilated great vein of Galen
e) disseminated gonorrhea
f) encephalitis
g) thrombosis of a major dural sinus
h) medulloblastoma
i) pseudotumour cerebri
j) meningitis



A 24yr old with a long history of substance abuse is brought to the police station for questioning after being involved in a minor street fight . He is noted to be agitated out of proportion to the situation and appears fearful, responding acutely to small noises. He becomes increasingly confused and shouts out continously that ' insects are moving under his skin' and that 'there's a dead man rotting in this room'. He insists that someone is watching him from the outside window. These features are suggestive of intoxication with :

a) LSD
b) Sympathomimetics
c) Barbiturates
d) Cannabis
e) Opioids
f) Benzodiazepines
g) phenylalkylamines
h) Cocaine
i) Alcohol
j) Nitrous Oxide



30-year-old woman presents with acute onset of low back pain that radiates into the left leg. On physical examination, the patient has sensory deficits of the posterior thigh with weakness of eversion and plantar flexion of the foot. The patient also has diminished ankle reflexes. Which of the following is the most likely diagnosis?

a) Common Peroneal neuropathy
b) deep peroneal neuropathy
c) sural neuropathy
d) tibial neuropathy
e) L1 radiculopathy
f) L2 radiculopathy
g) L3 radiculopathy
h) L4 radiculopathy
i) L5 radiculopathy
j) S1 radiculopathy


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