(MCQS 361-363):Months following a fall on his outstretched hands a young man complains of pain in his right wrist

Correct Answer: A
EXPLANATION/NOTE Electromyogram (EMG) shows characteristic myopathic features but is not specific for Duchenne muscular dystrophy. No evidence of denervation is found. Motor and sensory nerve conduction velocities are normal. DIAGNOSIS. The muscle biopsy material is diagnostic Myopathic changes include endomysial connective tissue proliferation, scattered degenerating and regenerating myofibers, foci of mononuclear inflammatory cell infiltrates as a reaction to muscle fiber necrosis, mild architectural changes in still functional muscle fibers, and many dense fibers. These hypercontracted fibers probably result from segmental necrosis at another level, allowing calcium to enter the site of breakdown of the sarcolemmal membrane and trigger a contraction of the whole length of the muscle fiber.

Correct Answer: H
Malignant lymphoma is the commonest primary malignant testicular tumor after 50 years of age

Correct Answer: G
A scaphoid fracture may cause interruption of the arterial supply to the bone. This may cause avascular necrosis of the proximal fragment resulting in sclerosis


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