MCQS 355-357:The most common cause of the common cold


self-dramatization, shallow and labile affectivity, inappropriate seductiveness in appearance or behaviour, egocentricity, self-indulgence and a continuous longing for appreciation are features most suggestive of

a) dissociative disorder
b) Major depressive disorder
c) Histrionic personality disorder
d) schizophrenia
e) dysthymic disorder
f) communication disorder
g) post-traumatic stress disorder
h) Obsessive-compulsive disorder
i) Rett's disorder
j) mental retardation



A government official based in the South of Spain develops a long term fever that is increased in the evenings. He also complains of a chronic headache and generalised arthralgia. His liver function tests are slightly deranged. On examination he is noted to have cervical lymphadenopathy and his spleen is enlarged. He admits to an affection for local goat's milk. The most likely diagnosis is

a) Lyme disease
b) brucellosis
c) infective endocarditis
d) listeriosis
e) psittacosis
f) typhoid fever
g) infectious mononucleosis
h) legionnaire's disease
i) tularemia
j) tuberculosis



The most common cause of the common cold

a) Epstein-Barr
b) Rhinovirus
c) Parainfluenza
d) Flavivirus
e) HIV
f) Rotavirus
g) cytomegalo
h) Kemerovo
i) Creutzfeld-Jacob
j) Rubella


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