MCQS 346–348:Cystadenocarcinoma of the pancreas is most likely to present at


Cystadenocarcinoma of the pancreas is most likely to present at

a) at birth
b) 1-5 months
c) 6-12 months
d) 1-5 years
e) 6-14 years
f) 15-20 years
g) 20-30 years
h) 30-40 years
i) 40-60 years
j) over 60 years



A 45 year old male with anorexia and weakness is found to have hypercalcemia. This is most likely to be secondary to abnormal

a) growth hormone
b) thyroid hormone
c) elevated 17-OH progesterone
d) parathyroid hormone
e) leutenising hormone
f) gastrin
g) aldosterone
h) estriol
i) prolactin
j) renin


a head-down tilt is usually helpful in

a) manual compression
b) paracentesis
c) balloon tamponade
d) nasogastric feeding tube
e) gastrostomy feeding tube
f) peritoneal lavage
g) surgical excision
h) reduction of groin hernias
i) oral activated charcoal
j) laparotomy


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