MCQS (304-306) :Patau syndrome is a manifestation of

Correct Answer: H
Features of Patau syndrome (Trisomy 13) - Cleft lip often midline; flexed fingers with polydactyly; ocular hypotelorism, bulbous nose; low- set malformed ears; small abnormal skull; cerebral malformation, especially holoprosencephaly; microphthalmia; cardiac malformations; scalp defects; hypoplastic or absent ribs; visceral and genital anomalies

Correct Answer: C
Inguinal-scrotal ultrasound is indicated to confirm the diagnosis, it can identify abnormalities in the testis, complex cystic masses, tumors, appendages, spermatocele or associated hernia. Transillumination involves a light source shined through the scrotum causing the hydrocele to illuminate. The bowel may also illuminate. A positive transilluminescence should not stop the clinician from investigating other, more serious, causes or co-morbid conditions associated with secondary hydrocele and is not reliable for final diagnosis. Hydrocele aspiration has a high infection risk and the hydrocele usually returns and is threfeore no longer recommended

Correct Answer: I
vertebrobasilar distribution lesions present with a mixture of brainstem and long-tract symptoms (vertigo, diplopia, dysarthria, tinnitus, ataxia, hemiparesis, and hemisensory dysfunction). Isolated posterior cerebral artery (PCA) ischaemia presents with pure hemianopia, but as the PCA is a branch of the vertebrobasilar artery, hemianopia may be associated with brainstem symptoms in vertebrobasilar disease.


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