MCQS 304-306 :Patau syndrome is a manifestation of



Patau syndrome is a manifestation of

a) XX karyotype
b) XXY karyotype
c) XO karyotype
d) XXX karyotype
e) XY karyotype
f) YO karyotype
g) XYY karyotype
h) Trisomy 13
i) Trisomy 18
j) Trisomy 21


a sexually active 18 year old notices a swelling in his right testicle that seems to be growing in the last three weeks. The swelling is painless and the patient is otherwise asymptomatic. On examination a light source shined through the scrotum causes the swelling to illuminate
The most appropriate next step would be

a) prompt surgical exploration
b) nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory agents
c) inguinal-scrotal ultrasound
d) needle aspiration
e) ceftriaxone and doxycycline
f) complete urologic investigation
g) spermatic cord ligation
h) narcotic analgesics
i) radionuclide scintigraphy
j) no further treatment or investigation is necessary


An elderly gentleman presents with sudden onset of hemianopia, ataxia and vertigo.

a) Migraine
b) Todd's paresis
c) transient ischaemic attack
d) metastases to the brain
e) Subdural haematomas
f) Middle cerebral artery infarction
g) paradoxical embolism
h) multiple sclerosis
i) posterior cerebral artery (PCA) ischaemia
j) vascular malformation


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