MCQS 301-303:A 14 year immunocompromised boy develops a severe anemia. A bone marrow aspirate is performed


A woman in the 30th week of gestation is found to have mild hypertension unresponsive to counseling, restricted activity and nutritional diet. Her obstetrician want to start her on drug treatment. She is quite concenrned about possible effects of the medication on her baby. A suitable drug treatment would include:

a) ACE inhibitors
b) diethylstilbestrol
c) Streptomycin
d) a polyene macrolide
e) diuretics
f) fluorine analogue of cytosine
g) Acyclovir
h) a drug that stimulates central alpha2 -receptors
i) isoniazid and rifampin
j) methotrexate


A 14 year immunocompromised boy develops a severe anemia. A bone marrow aspirate is performed. Bone marrow aspirate differential and Flow cytometric analysis of bone marrow aspirate (click and then see below) The blasts seen in the bone marrow aspirate had granular nuclear chromatin and cytoplasmic vacuoles. Multiple nucleoli were noted. The cytoplasmic vacuoles stained positive for neutral lipids with Oil Red O. A likely diagnosis is

a) mantle cell lymphoma
b) infectious lymphocytosis
c) Waldenstrom's macroglobulinemia
d) chronic myelogenous leukemia
e) chronic lymphoblastic leukemia
f) Burkitt lymphoma
g) acute lymphoblastic leukemia
h) mycosis fungoides
i) hairy cell leukemia
j) acute myelogenous leukemia


A 40 year old fair skinned woman with a long history of migraine develops pustules around her nose. She also complains of frequent flushing. On examination she has telengiectasia and swelling of the nose. This is suggestive of

a) behcet's disease
b) dermetitis herpetiformis
c) psoriasis
d) anthrax
e) chickenpox
f) smallpox
g) candidiasis
h) gonococcal septicemia
i) acne rosacea
j) syphilis


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