MCQS 295 –297 :A girl has had chronic anemia throughout childhood




A 51 year-old railroad engineer was found wandering aimlessly around the switching yard and was taken to the emergency room. When questioned, the last thing he was able to remember was that while walking to work he smelled something burning and saw enormous trains racing up and down the street. He was admitted for observation and continued to hallucinate and have nightmares

a) Colour vision test
b) Computed tomography scan of the brain
c) Electroencephalogram
d) Erythrocyte sedimentation rate
e) Full blood count FBC
f) Intraocular pressure measurement
g) Serum calcium concentration
h) Serum urea and electrolyte concentration
i) Visual acuity assessment
j) Visual field mapping



A girl has had chronic anemia throughout childhood. Investigations have revealed a hereditary form of anemia in which the normally round red blood cells become sickle-shaped. She has experienced severe bone pains in the past crises each year, treated with hydration and pain medication. She now complains of left hip pain. A bone scan demonstrated a cold area. A likely aetiology is :

a) septic emboli
b) impaired venous drainage
c) Hgb SS disease
d) steroid use
e) alcoholism
f) Gaucher's disease
g) missed fracture
h) Cushing's disease
i) radiation
j) vasculitis


A patient is being investigated for a dry cough. A plain chest radiograph reveals a left hilar fullness and bronchoscopy shows lesion arising from a lobar bronchus and and ulcerating through the mucosa into the surrounding lung parenchyma. A biopsy taken at bronchoscopy show thickened area of stratified squamous cells with hyperchromatic nuclei and eosinophilic cytoplasm showing invasion through the basement membrane into the lamina propria. What electrolyte disorder is most likely in this patient?

a) hypocalcaemia
b) hypernatremia
c) hyponatriemia
d) hyperkalaemia
e) hyponatriemia
f) hypercalcaemia
g) Hypophosphatemia
h) Hyperphosphatemia
i) hypokalaemia
j) Hypomagnesemia


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