MCQS 289-291 :A 2 month old girl has an ante- natal diagnosis of right hydronephrosis


A 60 year old complains of a hard swelling in his mouth. On examination he is seen to have a nodular bony shelf on the buccal aspect of the the maxilla. The most likely cause of this swelling is

a) torus
b) exostosis
c) pleomorphic adenoma
d) verruca vulgaris
e) fibroma
f) epulis fissuratum
g) mucocele
h) pyogenic granuloma
i) parulis
j) ranula



A 64 year old man was admitted to the hospital for further investigation of diabetes and weight loss. An enlarged liver palpable 4 cm below the right costal margin was detected. The spleen tip was palpable. Palmar erthyema was present bilaterally. Laboratory and Liver Biopsy results (click and then see below) A likely diagnosis is

a) pancreatic carcinoma
b) hemochromatosis
c) Laennec's cirrhosis
d) hepatitis A
e) hepatocellular carcinoma
f) Rotor's Syndrome
g) primary biliary cirrhosis
h) Gilbert's Syndrome
i) hepatitis B
j) hemolysis


A 2 month old girl has an ante- natal diagnosis of right hydronephrosis. Postnatal serial ultrasound examinations revealed increasing dilatation of the right pelvicalyceal system. No reflux was demonstrated on a micturating cystogram. Appropriate management should include

a) surgical repair
b) intermittent catheterization
c) Diuresis renography
d) anticholinergic agents
e) phenylpropanolamine
f) Gellhorn pessary
g) biofeedback-assisted behavioral treatment
h) Oral Estrogen therapy
i) Vaginal Estrogen therapy
j) Ring pessary


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