MCQS 277-279:A 15 year old girl complains of a one year history of vomiting and a nocturnal cough




A 20 year old female patient calls the emergency department and says 'I think I have done something stupid. I have taken tablets in a suicide attempt'. Paramedics arrive to find her unresponsive with snoring respirations. An ECG reveals severe widening of the QRS complexes. Which is the likely poison?

a) Aspirin ipratropium
b) carbon monoxide
c) Methanol
d) tricyclic antidepressants
e) Phencyclidine
f) acetaminophen
g) alcohol
h) steroids
i) heavy metal
j) quinine



An eighteen year old has a long history of experiencing strange sounds that does not exist. He also has sensations of dysphoria, impending doom and observers remark that he appears frightened and confused durring these episodes. The total duration of the seizure is usually about 2 minutes. His symptoms have been refractory to treatment and appeared to be increasing in severity. An MRI reveals increased signal in the left hippocampus. These features are characteristic of a

a) Atonic seizure
b) Jacksonian seizure
c) simple partial seizure
d) West's syndrome
e) Petit mal seizure
f) Panic attack
g) Myoclonic seizure
h) Grand mal seizure
i) mesial temporal lobe epilepsy
j) Febrile convulsion


A 15 year old girl complains of a one year history of vomiting and a nocturnal cough. She is currently doing her school exams and is very tense. She has no problems with swallowing. Investigations include a barium meal. This reveals a grossly dilated esophagus with symmetric tapering and stenosis of the distal esophagus. There are no mucosal irregularities and some passage of barium into the stomach can be seen. A likely diagnosis is

a) psychogenic
b) achalasia
c) cyclical vomiting
d) mesenteric adenitis
e) Pertussis syndrome
f) Reye syndrome
g) urinary tract infection
h) appendicitis
i) Gastroenteritis
j) Adrenogenital syndrome


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