MCQS 274-276:transmission of Lyme disease usually occurs through


A 70 year old female diabetic patient presents with a sudden onset of double vision. She is noted to have a ptosis and a deviation of the right eye to the right. Pupillary sizes and reactions are normal. The nerve most likely involved is

a) Accessory nerve
b) Trochlear nerve
c) Vagus nerve
d) Oculomotor nerve
e) Trigeminal nerve
f) Great auricular nerve
g) Auriculotemporal nerve
h) Olfactory nerve
i) Abducent nerve
j) Facial nerve


transmission of Lyme disease usually occurs through

a) bite of ticks
b) mosquito bites
c) drinking water
d) sharing of needles
e) fecal-oral route
f) close personal contact
g) contaminated eggs
h) raw foods
i) rodent bites
j) air conditioning cooling towers



A male patient on hemodialysis develops coma. Coma. He is noted to have a leukocytosis and an elevated anion gap. His serum iron level is 600 mug/dL (Normal serum iron levels are 50 to 150 mug/dL) The most appropriate treatment is

a) ethanol
b) naloxone
c) physostigmine
d) atropine
e) methylene blue
f) diphenhydramine
g) calcium disodium ethylene diamine tetraacetic acid
h) deferoxamine mesylate
i) flumazenil
j) Folic acid


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