MCQS 192-194 :A ten day old premature neonate is found on routine investigations to have hypercalcemia.

this medication is specifically contraindicated in a hypertensive pregnant patient who is suffering from depression
a) immediate delivery
b) intravenous Hydralazine
c) alpha-blocker
d) Labetolol
e) change current treatment immediately
f) diuretic
g) Methyldopa
h) calcium antagonist
i) angiotensin-converting enzyme inhibitors
j) angiotensin II receptor antagonist

A ten day old premature neonate is found on routine investigations to have hypercalcemia. This is likely to be secondary to
a) bronchial carcinoma
b) breast metastases
c) William's syndrome
d) Sarcoidosis
e) primary hyperparathyroidism
f) multiple myeloma
g) excess intake of vitamin D
h) excess intake of milk
i) tertiary hyperparathyroidism
j) phosphate depletion

A 65 year old is known to take eye drops for his glaucoma. On examination what is the likely appearance of his pupils?
a) constricted pupils
b) dilated pupils
c) irregular pupils
d) argyll robertson pupil
e) hutchinson pupil
f) holmes-adie (myotonic ) pupil
g) Marcus-Gunn pupil
h) sluggish pupil
i) white pupil
j) tonic pupil

Correct Answer: G
Depression: do not use methyldopa. <br> Asthma or a history of bronchospasm: do not use labetalol <br> Severe peripheral vascular disease: avoid labetalol. <br> Diabetes: do not use labetalol (it is not a cardioselective beta-blocker). <br> Liver disease: do not use methyldopa or labetalol. <br>
Correct Answer: J
If their dietary intake of phosphorus is inadequate, low birthweight infants may develop hypercalcemia as a result of resorption of phosphorus and calcium from bone
Correct Answer: A
Opiate miotics in the management of glaucoma eg pilocarpine eye drops cause constricted pupils


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