Nephrology MCQ 8-10 :

Nephrology MCQ 8-10 :

8.    Acute renal failure

a)    Urinary [Na*] is useful to differentiate between pre¬ renal failure and intrinsic failure.
b)    Common in typhus fever
c)    Metabolic acidosis should be promptly treated


9.    Poor prognostic factors in a patient with nephritic  syndrome   

a)    Increased cholesterol   
b)    Hypertension   
c)    Increased serum creatinine
d)    Nonselective proteinuria     
e)    Crescents in renal biopsy


10.    50 year old with rising creatinine, hypertension, oliguria. What would lead to a diagnosis of AGN

a)    Preceeding sore throat is compatible
b)    Neutrophil infiltration seen on renal biopsy
c)    Increased ASOT is found   
d)    Decreased C3 , C4 is found  
e)    Respond to corticosteroid therapy

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