Nephrology MCQ 4-7 :

Nephrology MCQ 4-7 :

4.    In end stage renal failure

a)    Looser’s zones are visible in pubic rami
b)    High Phosphate levels
c)    Low calcium levels
d)    Low alkaline phosphatase levels
e)    High uric acid levels


6.    Compilation adult polycystic kidney disease

a)    Hypertension   
b)    Urinary stone formation       
c)    Bleeding in to cyst   
d)    Nephritic syndrome
e)    CRF   


7.    20 year old with rising blood urea

a)    UFR- RBC 30-40/HPF
b)    Acute pyelonephritis is a likely cause
c)    RBC casts +ve, WBC casts -ve
d)    Pus Cells 5/HPF    
e)    BP should be checked often                     

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