Endocrinology MCQ : 4-6


4.    WOTF are features of metabolic syndrome

a)    Obesity  

b)    Hypertension  

c)    Ischaemic heart disease   

d)    Isolated hypertriglyceridaemia   

e)    Fatty liver   


5.    Hypoglycaemia is caused by

a)    Acute liver failure   

b)    Alcohol intoxication  

c)    Phaeochromocytoma 

d)    Addison’s disease   

e)    Cerebral malaria  

6.    T/F regarding the treatment of thyrotoxicosis

a)    Combination of carbimazole and thyroxin is a recognized treatment.   

b)    If remission doesn’t occur carbimazole is given for life.  

c)    When on carbimazole, sore throat is an indication to do a Full blood count.  

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