Endocrinology MCQ : 1-3

Endocrinology MCQ : 1-3
True or False questions
1.    In diabetic neuropathy
a)    Insulin is effective in improving diabetic amyotrophy. 
b)    Amitryptiline is an effective drug in painful neuropathy.  
c)    Antioxidants are known to improve peripheral neuropathy. 
d)    Fludrocortisone is effective in autonomic neuropathy.  
e)    Gabapentine is effective in painful neuropathy.

2.    Hyperosmolar non-ketotic state

a)    Is complication of type 1 diabetes mellitus  
b)    Is characterized by severe dehydration.   
c)    Has a better prognosis than diabetic ketoacidosis. 
d)    Has resistant to insulin.  
e)    Predisposes to thrombosis.  

3.    In acromegaly
a)    Inferior temporal quadrantanopia is seen.   
b)    Soft tissue hypertrophy is a feature.   
c)    Goiter is seen  
d)    Suppression of growth hormone by bromocriptine occurs   
e)    Decreased size of frontal sinuses is a feature. 


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