Radiology ,attenuation for an X-Ray beam,Grids ( FRCR Part 01 )


Each Radiological Department in a Hospital Setting should have :

a) Written protocols for every type of standard radiological practice for each equipment
b) A clinical evaluation of each examination
c) Specific diagnostic reference levels (DRLs) for typical examinations
d) Radiographers who should take the lead role as practitioners
e) Clinical radiologists who may take the role of operators

Grids are not necessary in :

a) children
b) magnified mammography
c) obese patients
d) Fluoroscopy
e) Ct scanning of the patient


regarding attenuation for an X-Ray beam

a) for a monochromatic beam attenuation is exponential
b) amount of attenuation increases with increased electron density
c) throughout the range of keV of 20 to 100 a greater proportion of interactions are photoelectric for soft tissue as compared to bone
d) the mass attenuation coefficient is defined in the units grams per cm squared
e) the half value thickness is the thickness of a substance that will reduce the intensity of a beam by 50%


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