prostatic Calculi,aqueous humour of the eye,dyspnea (All India PG mcq )


Treatment of choice in asymptomatic prostatic Calculi :

a) do nothing
b) Vitamin D supplements
c) suprapubic percutaneous extraction
e) transurethral resection
The aqueous humour of the eye may be divided into an anterior chamber and a posterior chamber. What mostly tends to seperate these chambers ?

a) lens
b) cornea
c) iris
d) limbus
e) ciliary processes

 A 64 year old male has dyspnea. He is found to have a density on his chest X-Ray. A biopsy is done and he is told that he has a lung carcinoma. What does 'carcinoma' refer to?

a) a neoplasm of embryonic cells
b) a malignancy of a tissue of epithelial origin
c) a malignancy of a tissue of mesenchymal origin
d) a malignancy of white blood cells
e) a malignancy of the immune system


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