MCQ: 21-25


21) True or False Regarding cerebral palsy


a) Papilloedema

b) Improves abilities with age

c) Persistence of primitive reflexes

d) Early hand preference

e) Involuntary movements seen


22) Features of life threatening asthma ( mark True or False )


a) PR > 140 bpm

b) Agitation

c) SpO2 94% in room air

d) PEFR < 33% of predicted

e) Silent chest


23) True or False Regarding Neonatal meningitis


a) Commonest organism is Hib

b) Causes cortical blindness

c) High protein level in CSF suggestive of ventriculitis

d) Neck stiffness is a reliable sign

e) Phenobarbitone is indicated to control seizures


24) Features of tuberous sclerosis in a 2 year old ( mark True or False )


a) Adenoma sebaceum

b) Shagreen patches

c) Axillary freckling

d) Hypopigmented patches

e) Portwine stain


25) Platelet dysfunction occurs in ( mark True or False )


a) vWD

b) Dengue haemorrhagic fever

a) Aspirin treatment

b) Kawasaki disease

c) CRF


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