MCQ 10-15:mumps ,osteum secondum atrial septal defect,systemic hypertension,Supraventricular tachycard,food borne diseases


10) Complications of mumps infection include

a) Pancreatitis

b) Subacute sclerosing panencephalitis

c) Orchitis

d) Guillain Barre syndrome

e) Corneal ulceration


11) In osteum secondum atrial septal defect


a) The murmur is due to blood flow across the defect

b) There is a thrill in the pulmonary area

c) Antibiotic prophylaxis is indicated before tooth extraction

d) ECG shows a partial right bundle branch block

e) Closure is recommended before school entry


12) Causes of systemic hypertension in children include


a) Acute glomerulonephritis

b) Kawasaki disease

c) Acute rheumatic carditis

d) Neuroblastoma

e) Minimal change nephrotic syndrome


13) Supraventricular tachycardia is


a) Known to occur with Wolf Parkinson White syndrome

b) A cause of heart failure

c) Treated with vagal stimulation

d) Treated with adenosine

e) Uncommon in infants


14) Regarding food borne diseases


a) Nausea & vomiting after 1 hour of ingestion – Staphylococcus aureus

b) Paralysis after 6 hours – Shell fish ingestion

c) Fever & Severe diarrhoea after 3-5 days – Cholera infection

d) Diarrhoea, fever & abdominal cramps within 4 days of ingestion – Salmonella typhimurium

e) Gastroenteritis – Mushroom poisoning


15) True or false


a) Absorption and secretion of electrolytes occur in small intestine In a normal health

b) Glucose coupled sodium absorption is the basis for ORS in the treatment of diarrhoea

c) Vibrio cholera causes diarrhoea by producing toxins

d) Rota viral infection is preventable

e) Yoghurt reduce the duration of infective diarrhoea


There are more than one true answers  so  make sure to mark true or  false for each statement  ……also try to explain your  answer

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