Inattentive child, Palmar erthyema (USMLE Step 2)

01)  Identify ?

a) acute extradural hematoma
b) sub-acute acute extradural hematoma
c) acute subarachnoid hematoma
d) subacute subdural hematoma
e) acute subdural hematoma

02)   The teacher of a 6 year old boy has complained to his parents that he is disrupting his class mates. He is inattentive in class and interupts her constantly.Also, his attention span is very limited. She is worried that he may fall or accidentally hurt himself in the playground because he is so inattentive. His parents take him to the general practitioner who ,after examining the child, decides the following is the most appropriate medication

a) haloperidol
b) Amitriptiline
c) methylphenidate
d) diazepam
e) imipramine


03)  A 64 year old man was admitted to the hospital for further investigation of diabetes and weight loss. An enlarged liver palpable 4 cm below the right costal margin was detected. The spleen tip was palpable. Palmar erthyema was present bilaterally. br>A likely diagnosis is Laboratory and Liver Biopsy results are shown below

a) primary biliary cirrhosis
b) hemochromatosis
c) Laennec's cirrhosis
d) hepatitis A
e) hepatitis B


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